Adamson House, Malibu Wedding Photographer

It is no coincidence that The Adamson House located in Malibu, California is also known as the “Taj Mahal of Tile”. This is a perfect descriptor of this unique venue adorned with colorful tiles integrated and intertwined throughout – creating breathtaking designs of woven tiles that is a visual explosion of pattern and color to the eye. Don’t be fooled, this external architecture style often referred to as, a synthesis of Spanish Colonial Revival and Moorish Revival architecture, Isn’t the only esthetically pleasing aspect of this house. Being a Adamson House wedding photographer I am always taken back by the charm inherent only to the Adamson House varying in panache from room to room. In this house you will find find features such as original woodworking, tile bejeweled fireplaces, decadent handpainted ceilings, majestic bottle glass windows, and breathtaking wrought-iron filigrees overlaying windows like intricate jewelry. Can you think of a more intriguing and imaginative way to capture your special day? I know there are endless possibilities for me, your Malibu wedding photographer, to capture those perfect moments of your day, immortalizing them forever. This historical architectural masterpiece is perched upon the coastline of southern California being a fantasy-inspired location for any couple offering an array of esthetic choices for your special day. Visualize exchanging your personal vows under a draping large Dombeya tree that blooms with spectacular bright red flowers in the spring? What about whispering your vows surround by the awe-inspiring tiled swimming pool? Or, alongside the magnificent Neptune Fountain, grand Peacock Fountain or astounding Star Fountain, all of which are known for the integrating tile work famous to the house? Being your Malibu wedding photographer I will work alongside you to customize those images of your dream wedding in your dream venue. I look forward to work with you, doing Malibu wedding photography that inspires you and creates a memorable day that you’ll cherish. I truly can’t think of a more inspiring backdrop for a couple who wants to hold their nuptials in a classic and colorful venue allowing the creativity to flow and breathtaking images and memories to be formed. I look forward to each couple having their unique style and just those little touches that make their wedding specific to them and the couple they will become. This historic house compliments your distinctive flair, from chic to classic or a blind of both! So let me be your Adamson House wedding photographer and capture the eloquence of this venue with its explosive color patterns complimenting the irreplaceable bravura of your wedding.

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