Laguna Cliffs Marriott, Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer

I love beach weddings. Perhaps your wedding will be by the waves crashing alongside you, the sand between your toes, and the slight breezes that come through softly touching you. Or maybe you want the oceanfront closely in front of you creating an elegant and romantic backdrop. Can you think of a more fitting setting for a wedding? When I am asked to be a Southern California wedding photographer in such locations as The Laguna Cliffs Marriott in Laguna Beach, I get giddy with excitement for all the reasons I mentioned above. Something about the beach setting has such a calming and peaceful effect, allowing the focus to be of the nuptials, with only a hint of the gorgeous splendor that is surrounding. It is my opinion with this serene setting that colors can really pop and you can capture the radiant colors themed in your nuptials. Of course if you choose to use a monochromatic palate, it is always classic and elegant. This is the joy of being a Southern California wedding photographer, capturing the essence and esthetic of each unique couple.

As a Laguna Cliffs Marriott wedding photographer I am always elated about how fun the event seems to be. Something about the setting, the joy of the couple, and the gorgeous view is intoxicating. The immense joyful moments are infectious and being the photographer at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott I have the great opportunity to capture these priceless moments. Without fail one of my biggest joys of being a Laguna Beach wedding photographer is capturing the abundance of these jubilant candid moments and immortalizing them forever. If your dream is to have a magical place to exchange your vows, to host a fun party, and over all have a wonderful wedding day experience – look no further than Laguna Beach and it’s luxurious setting and I promise to be the best wedding photographer for the job!

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