Ojai Valley Inn Hotel & Spa, Santa Barbara Photographer

Are you looking to escape the city, where you are immersed in nature, snuggled deep in a breath-taking valley? Look no further, the unique Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in Southern California is just what you are looking for. Being a Southern California wedding photographer I allow myself to take in this glamorous setting to provide images that are only this specific location has to offer. Just imagine the infinite possibilities that this little slice of heaven could offer. As a Southern California wedding photographer I want you to see this beautiful landscape through the images my lenses capture, you too will be captivated by the steeple-like mountains, the verdant isles, and the blue bird days that become the canopy for you special day. There is no place like the Ojai Valley and it’s the dream of a wedding photographer to have the pleasure to shoot in this amazing setting. There is a certain je nois qua about the Ojai Valley Inn and spa where it can provide a peaceful and serene feel of this wedding stage. I want you to imagine your wedding day, the day that marks the next chapter in your life and a new beginning happening in a place such as Southern California’s Ojai Valley. Walk down an isle comprised of the Herb Garden with the seasonal foliage by your side every step of the way and me as your Southern California wedding photographer documenting it as you go. I would be honored to be the wedding photographer that captures this momentous moment in your life where you the two of you become a couple marking this point as were you merge into one unit and start the rest of your life together. So make the celebration of this new beginning and union an unforgettable one with me as your wedding photographer, the Ojai Valley in Southern California the stage, and you the director of your very special day!

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