Santa Barbara Courthouse, Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer

Nothing exudes a classic wedding more than one that takes place in a historic landmark such as the Santa Barbara Courthouse in Santa Barbara California. The historic Old Spanish Structure is surrounded by gardens comprised of one of the most outstanding gardens with collections of palms and exotic plants from all over the world imaginable thus creating a visual collage of colors perfect for a Southern California wedding photographer’s backdrop. These gardens offer a variety of esthetics to be chosen from – can you see yourself walking down a palm terrace, maybe a in a sunken garden, surrounded by redwoods or birds of paradise? Not to be outshined the historic Santa Barbara Courthouse is a visual wonder in of it’s own with unique tiling, stunning murals and an interior with parallel beauty to it’s exterior. The mural room is no less than breathtaking transporting to you a different time a place. The ambiance is reminiscent of an old European setting with its intimate feel created by the soft lighting emulating from the grand chandeliers above. The room is adorned with original tapestries and murals from it’s inception over 160 years ago. It is one of my absolute favorite places as a Santa Barbara wedding photographer to shoot; there is something downright magical about this place. I feel as though I am truly capturing a fairy tale coming true. This setting allows you to be whisked away and one of my favorite things of being a Santa Barbara Courthouse wedding photographer is to capture this priceless moment one image at a time. When I am asked to photograph the Santa Barbara Courthouse weddings I am elated, as there seems to be endless possibilities to capture the beauty of day in a variety of locales. So come get whisked away in this oasis and make your fairy tale dream come true. I look forward to being the Santa Barbara wedding photographer to help make all your dreams come true.

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