Santa Ynez Winery Wedding, Santa Ynez Wedding Photographer

Want to jet-set to the vineyards in Provencal France to get married, but don’t want to journey that far? Don’t despair; you can have that experience right here in Santa Ynez California at a private Santa Ynez Winery. It’s as if you were instantly transported to Provencal France. The air has just a hint of that decadent fragrance of lavender and rosemary reminiscent of those that sweep through the hills of Provencal France. This winery gives the suggestion of a French countryside locale conducive to an intimate wedding which is the idyllic setting for Santa Ynez wedding photography. As a Southern California wedding photographer I like to capture the relaxing demeanor of a Santa Ynez Winery wedding while absorbing the ancient oaks stretching out over gently rolling hills that create this beautiful and peaceful backdrop for nuptials. This Santa Ynez Winery in Santa Santa Ynez California becomes a wedding destination unlike any other, where a couple can celebrate their special day in a rustic environment that is breathtaking and serene. Tantalize all of your senses by letting the environment intoxicate you and marking this day, your special day, like the dream you’ve always had. Being your Santa Ynez wedding photographer I aim to express this vision and experience through my lenses eye. I want to capture all those intimate special moments of this dream day for you, so as your special day comes and goes, my gift to you is to take you back to that very special moment in time with one image. Allow the centerpiece of your wedding to be the dream, the radiant wedding of your dreams. Let me as your Southern California wedding photographer capture you living your stunning dream, immortalizing those created moments into life-long memories. Commence all of the daydreaming you’ve done into reality in this countryside vineyard venue, after all it’s your real life dream come true.

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